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Our owner, Dan Priotti, and his team will work directly with you to make your dream backyard paradise a reality.

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custom pool and spa construction in Palm Coast

Why Choose Agua Construction to Build Your Pool?

Our Pool and Spa Construction Difference

Highest In-ground Pool Standard

We build your custom swimming pool to the highest standards in the industry.

Best Equipment

With over $2 million dollars invested in our own equipment and machinery, we can control both the time it takes to build your pool and the craftsmanship.


Our licenses and certifications assure you that we are qualified to design and build your custom swimming pool, spa, and any other custom features you desire.

We Are A True Custom Pool Builder

All of our pools come with travertine over solid concrete sub deck, color LED lights, salt water generators, and variable speed pumps as our standard.

Unlike a factory-manufactured product (which makes simpler for pool price comparison), a custom gunite pool is a multiphase construction process with many variables involved. Some of these variables include, but are not limited to, the shape of your backyard, elevation of land, any special equipment requirements, selection of materials, and selection of finishes. For these reasons, proper pool pricing requires a detailed and thorough evaluation process of your property and specific needs.

Before offering a pool estimate, it is essential for us to understand all of the features and elements that our customers want for their dream gunite pool. Contact us so that we can arrange an estimate appointment with one of our team members and gather full details of your specific pool project so that we can provide pricing information that leaves no room for surprises.

Inground Pool Construction Process

Installing an in-ground pool can be a great way to enjoy your backyard year-round. But before you dive in, it’s important to understand the steps involved in inground pool construction. From planning and designing to material selection and installation, many details need to be taken into consideration during this process. With careful research, careful planning, and attention to detail, your dream of having a beautiful inground pool can become a reality.

Excavator removing sod from backyard for pool construction

Preparing the Pool Construction Site

Once the construction permits are secured (timeframes may vary from county to county), our site managers will begin pre-site preparation of your property. We will remove any sod and cap off any water irrigation lines in the area designated for pool, spa, and deck construction.

New pool construction getting started in Palm Coast. Framing layout

Layout and Excavation of Your Pool

The layout of your pool is marked with wooden stakes and framing, which create the exact outline of the finished product. These forms must be kept in place, providing an exact representation of the size, shape, elevation, location, and positioning of the pool shell. Excavating the area begins now, with dirt from the area being removed or saved for backfilling at a later phase of construction. During this process it will be quite noisy and dusty due to heavy equipment use; to protect your family and property we recommend keeping all your home’s windows and doors closed near the site and having children stay away during this period.

Plumbing and teel rebar framing

Plumbing, Steel Rebar Framing, Electrical Installation, and Inspections

Pool Plumbing

We’ll install appropriate PVC pipe underneath the deck, extending it to the pool equipment location. Including piping for the primary drain, hydro jets, skimmer, an automatic cleaner, waterfalls, and all other mechanical lines in your design. All pipes are tested under pressure to ensure there’s no leakage.

Steel Rebar

Rebar of 3/8″ is used to reinforce the gunite pool shell. The rebar is shaped around the pool design and additional steel is placed in areas of higher stress. The steel rebars are securely tied in place and are blocked up against the dirt before shooting the gunite so that the entire rebar framing will be surrounded by gunite when completed. Pool steps and pool benches at the shallow end don’t require steel reinforcement because these are built with solid gunite.

Electrical Installation

Our team of licensed electricians will inspect your home’s service panel to calculate the distance to the pool equipment location. They’ll also bond the rebar framing and contact you for a first inspection.

Building Inspections

Our office will notify your county’s building and electrical departments before shooting the gunite shell. We will place your permits in a permit box, which will be located in front of your home. Kindly make sure that this box is easily accessible to the inspectors, and if it isn’t, please contact us right away.

Gunite shell complete

Gunite Shell

This is a crucial part of your pool construction process–it’s one of the messiest and certainly, loudest. Large and loud trucks will be on the site while shooting the gunite. Although it is very exciting to watch, please make sure all nearby windows and doors to your home are closed.

This phase also involves setting-up steps, interior benches, LED light outlets, and other features in place. For the next seven days, we ask that you dampen the gunite shell twice each day to help the concrete cure.

Please don’t worry if there’s water accumulating at the base of your pool during this period–85% of the concrete curing process takes place over those seven days, at which point we can resume construction work. We’ll then remove any forms, do any needed backfilling, and generally grade out your decking area.

Land grading complete

Grading for Deck Area

While grading the land, sub-base material will be added to the pool deck area to ensure the right elevation. All necessary electrical, plumbing, and gas lines will also be set up during this phase. Everything is done meticulously and is designed to meet your vision for the project.

Pool Deck Layout and Concrete Sub-Deck Pour

This is a key stage in the build process as the deck will help to complement both the pool and your home. It’s at this point that the shape of your pool and area start to become visible, bringing the project to life.

For this phase, there may be large concrete trucks around your home during the deck layout and concrete sub-deck pour. We ask you to keep all children away from that area for their safety, and kindly request that any vehicles are moved out of the way so our crew can access it easily.

All our pools include a concrete sub-deck to ensure that the travertine pavers do not sink and shift over time.

Custom tile work and waterfall features

Tile Installation, Coping, and Water Features

Waterline tile will be applied to the top inner edge of the pool to make it easier to clean at the water line. Any tile markers that need to be added to the stairs will be put in place on the day of plastering. We also ask that there is a ready supply of both power and water for our crew’s use.

If your pool design calls for coping, field stone, or other materials, our specialized stonemasons will install these finishes for you. If there are any water features included in your pool design, please note that these may look like a pile of rocks at this stage–the final touches haven’t been done yet.

Travertine pool deck complete

Travertine Pavers

Once concrete sub-deck is cured, the Travertine pavers are then carefully arranged in various patterns within the border to create eye-catching designs. 

Pool electric equipment installed with variable speed pump

Swimming Pool Equipment

All the necessary pool equipment, such as the filter system, time clock, automatic cleaner, and heater (if selected) will be installed and our electrician will take care of all the required wiring.

Screen enclosure installation

Screen Enclosure

Installing a pool screen enclosure (optional) is an effective way to enjoy the benefits of outdoor swimming without the risk of bugs, pests, and debris entering the pool area.

The process typically involves assembling the metal frame, attaching it to the side of the house or existing fence with strong anchors, and then stretching the mesh over top. All components must be securely fitted together to ensure maximum safety and stability.

Pool interior finish

Interior Pool Finish

Once the build is nearing completion, the final phase will be to apply the interior finish of your swimming pool. For this step to be executed successfully, the pool and surrounding area must remain clean and clear as possible.

Please make sure any work which may create dirt, dust, smoke, or debris is finished or postponed beforehand. The success of a high-quality pool depends on both our craftsmen as well as its pre-filling cleanliness; stains from dirt, fertilizer, dust, or other construction materials won’t be covered by us so take care to keep them away from the pool area.

After the interior finish has been applied with precision, either your fence or a temporary fence will also be put in place – making sure to meet all state and local regulations before we fill and test it.

Filling pool up with water

Filling Pool with Water

Once the filling operation begins, it is integral that the water is not turned off or moved from its original position until the water level has risen to the middle of the tile band. This precautionary measure eliminates any chances of a dirt ring forming around your pool, which can be difficult and time-consuming to remove.

As soon as the pool is full, turn off the water and inform us so that we can move forward with other appropriate steps in completing the installation.

New pool completed and ready to be enjoyed

Pool School

We’re almost finished! To ensure a perfect installation, our project manager will make sure to perform a thorough quality assurance check of your entire pool area of your Palm Coast home.

Furthermore, after the process is complete, we will be happy to invite you to our “Pool School” – a course designed to teach you the ins and outs of operating and caring for your new Palm Coast swimming pool. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the operation of your pool so that you may enjoy it for years to come!

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Florida Licensed and Insured CPC#: 1458621

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