Custom Spa in C Section of Palm Coast

Finished work of custom spa in C section of Palm Coast

Below is a great write-up that a happy client sent to us and we thought we would share it with you. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for letting us create your backyard paradise for you! Greetings: As everyone knows, we moved, got our dream retirement house/little corner of paradise that was […]

Palm Coast Pool Construction Time Lapse Video

Enjoy this time lapse video of a recent custom salt water pool we designed and built for a homeowner in Palm Coast. This backyard vacation included a raised spa with waterfall, travertine coping, deck jets, LED lighting, and custom glass tile inlays. You can view more of our custom pool designs and completed projects in […]

New Pool Spa Combo with Travertine Coping Finished in Palm Coast B Section

Custom pool design with sun shelf, raised spa, travertine coping, and large paver deck.

Another backyard vacation finished in the B Section of Palm Coast. This custom pool spa combo featured glass tile inserts, large paver deck, travertine coping, French silver interior finish, and sun shelf. Below you can see photos of the pool construction process from start to finish. Contact us for all your swimming pool design and […]

St Augustine Custom Pool Construction Process

Here’s a glimpse of our pool construction process we finished for a home in St Augustine. This pool featured a sundeck, glass tile, 3 foot sheer raised waterfall, lighted LED bublers, deck jets,  and tumbled roma pavers. Contact us and we can start working on your own backyard paradise next! You can view more photos […]

Custom Pool & Spa Testimonial from Edwards Family

Thank you to the Edwards family for their great testimonial. It was a pleasure working with you guys and we’re glad you are enjoying your new backyard vacation! If you are looking to have your own backyard vacation, contact us for all your custom pool and spa construction needs.

Maintaining Proper Chlorine and PH Balance for Your New Swimming Pool

Here’s a video we shot at a recent custom pool and spa construction we finished for the Edwards family in Palm Coast. Before we go into the proper maintenance tips we do a little run down of what this 100% custom design consisted of. If you have any questions regarding custom pool and spas, please […]

Difference Between Gunite, Concrete, & Shotcrete in Swimming Pool Construction

Gunite, concrete, and shotcrete are basically the same thing with variations in inherent water-tightness, strength, and construction methods. People throwing around these terms so carelessly must know that they are just different types of concrete with unique weaknesses and strengths. Concrete can be considered as a man-made strong rock. There have been many forms of […]